About Porches and Private Eyes

How did Porches and Private Eyes begin?

Mississippi creatives Greg Russell and James Minter introduced the idea of making a feature film, like the ones we made in Arizona, but based in Brookhaven.

Where did the idea from the story come from?

Writer/Director Travis Mills was inspired to make a comedy/murder-mystery in the style of the Tom Hanks film The Burbs and Fried Green Tomatoes. Many of the characters and locations in the film were based directly on actual people and places in the town.

How was the cast chosen?

A casting call was held in 2015 and more than 150 actors auditioned for roles in the movie. It was important to our team that most of the cast be from Mississippi.

Were all the actors professionals?
No. Many of the actors in the film had never been in a movie before. This was their first time and they did an amazing job. Others are professional actors who reside in Mississippi or Louisiana.
Where did the crew come from?
Our crew was a wonderful mix of our Arizona team and some hard working Mississippi filmmakers. We all drove from out west to stay in Brookhaven, MS for the weeks for filming.

Film Locations

Meet the Cast of Porches and Private Eyes

Meet the Cast

Special Thanks

Below is a list of people and businesses in Brookhaven, MS who without their help we would not been able to make this film.

Robin Vaughn
Carlos Leach
Dienna Moak
Kim McMurry
Robbie Van Mullem
Keri Dunaway
Brookhaven Tourism Council

Pappa’s Pizza
Cracker Barrel
Donnie Mitchell
Donna Calcote
Fox’s Pizza
Beth Breeland

Brookhaven Trust
Piggly Wiggly
Brookhaven Police Department
Town of Brookhaven
Troy and Ashley Douglas
Dee Dee Smith